One of the previous Bugaboos Teens groups on East Post spire in snow/sleet storm - back (l to r) Robert Panattoni, ACMG guide Bob Sawyer. (l to r) Kierra Nash, Shayla Reid, Ciona Thompshon and BC Parks ranger Jeff Volp.
Sept 8 - 13, 2016

Bugaboos Teens Alumni To Tackle Bugaboo Spire In Sept.

Hi Kainers,

I’m writing to invite you, the alumni of the Conrad Kain Bugaboos Teens program, to join me, Conrad Kain Society members and the Alpine Club of Canada directors at the Kain hut this coming autumn on the special occasion of 100 years since Conrad, Albert, Bess, and a John Vincent who is thought to have been a teenager or in his early 20s like you, pioneered the first ascent of the granite peak that they would name Bugaboo Spire.

Since bad weather has always prevented the Teen program from climbing Bugaboo, this will be give you another kick at the can. Since it’s a technical climb, I would expect you to get out this summer and do a couple of climbs of equal difficulty in preparation. And it’d be great if you were to sign up to become an ACC member, if you aren’t already.

This camp will be partially sponsored, and we’re asking just $100 from each participant which will go toward food and hut fees. You can plan on coming for the whole 6 days, or less, but need to let me know for how long so we can plan the food accordingly.
Can you please share this with anyone you know who’s been through the program?

Thursday Sept 8- hike in
Friday Sept 9- Programming: Day hikes. Pat’s AV show. Kain Play by Laurie Swartz.
Saturday Sept 10- Programming and ACC Board Meeting
Sunday Sept 11- Attempt on Bugaboo Spire
Monday Sept 12- Attempt on Bugaboo Spire
Tuesday Sept 13- Hike out
12 from Conrad Kain Centennial Society (including 6 “Teens” or ex teens)
10 from ACC National Board
2 from BC Parks/ Ministry
6 from ACMG including 4 Guides
1 or 2 from CMH
2 cooks
2 performers of Kain play
4-6 special guests including NZAC, AAC, Austrian Alpine Club invites

I look forward to hearing back from you:

Berg heil!
PaT Morrow

fyi, the regular Bugaboos Teens program is scheduled for July 22-24, and Kirk, Tim and Jen will again be our guides. a week before that, a small team of ACCers from Toronto (see photo below) will pitch their canvas tent at Appleby and make a short film about climbing Bugaboo - they’ll be sporting period piece clothing. i’ve been invited to help them with logistics, and shoot video. and in early August, the ACC is running a camp that will attempt to climb Bugaboo, Howser and Louis all in a week.