Outfitter Bill Dubois leads "Conrad Kain" past the old Delphine Lodge in Wilmer. © Pat Morrow
perfect weather, happy crowd

Conrad Kain Celebration a Success!

Where the Clouds Can Go, a song inspired by the book of the same name, composed and performed by recording artist Mark Koenig, uplifted the already high spirits of the 450 + crowd that came to celebrate Wilmer's mountaineering legend, Conrad Kain on July 11.

In addition to Koenig, many other dignitaries turned up for the "once in a century" event. Four members of the 1982 Canadian Mt Everest expedition, climbing luminaries such as mountain photographer and artist Glen Boles, aerial photographer John Scurlock, Rockies hard rock pioneer Brian Greenwood, naturalist Aileen "Fritz" Harmon, daughter of Kain photographer Byron Harmon, Shelagh Dehart, niece of Rosalee Kinbasket (Kain's horse trainer), MLA Norm MacDonald, RDEK rep Gerry Wilkie, and a skad of climbing and hiking cognoscenti joined the local crowd to pay tribute to Canada's pioneering mountaineer.

Laurie Schwartz's brilliant play, As Far As I Can Take You - the Life of Conrad Kain, was warmly received, thanks to actor Phillip Nugent's talent for bringing Kain's character to life.

Nearly $3000 was raised for future CKCS events by the sale of raffle tickets for artist Pat Bavin's acrylic painting, "Conrad Kain, Local Ascent", and another $1000 received in donations to help cover the cost of food served by the Wilmer Communty Club and the Conrad Kain Centennial Society. Mark Koenig generously pledged the future rights to his song to the CKCS out of a respect for Kain, and what the CKCS is doing to recognize his accomplishments.