Conrad Kain play now online!!

"As far as I can take you" - Now Online!

Oct 26, 2010  "As far as I can take you - the life of Conrad Kain", is a lively one-man play that was performed at the Banff Mountain Book Festival in 2009 immediately following Pat Morrow's audiovisual show about Conrad Kain.

The 42 minute play is viewable online at, as is a six minute video of musician Mark Koenig performing his song Where the Clouds Can Go that he wrote for the Kain centennial celebration.

Phillip Nugent also performed this play at a number of schools in Golden, Invermere, Kimberley, Fernie and Creston in the first week of November.

The wildly popular play was originally performed in Wilmer in conjunction with the Cairn and Park opening celebration.

Written and directed by Laurie Schwartz, who also wrote and starred in "Elizabeth Parker and the Alpine Club of Canada", the 40 minute play is "inspired by Kain's own words - gathered from personal letters - describing his experience as an immigrant to Canada, his 'principles of guiding,' and his deep love of natural beauty."

Actor Phillip Nugent embodies Kain's gregarious quick wit, connecting audiences to this mountaineering legend. During the Wilmer celebrations, Laurie Schwartz, aka Elizabeth Parker, will ride in on the string of horses along with Phillip, and outfitter/guide Bill Dubois. 

The play traces the journey of the Alpine Club of Canada's first professional mountain guide from his humble beginnings in the Austrian Alps through to the historic first ascent of Mt. Robson. The title, "As far as I can take you", refers to the phrase uttered by Kain to his clients on arrival at the summit of the Canadian Rockies' highest peak:  "The last stretch to the summit was a snow ridge. I turned to my Herren with the words, 'Gentlemen, that's as far as I can take you!"

It is being presented by Parks Canada's theatre troupe, Mountain WIT, in celebration of the Conrad Kain Centennial and Canada's mountain national parks.