Kain Peaks Project

During his lifetime, Conrad Kain climbed some of the most beautiful and rugged mountains in Canada, New Zealand and Europe. These mountains continue to attract mountaineers, photographers, and nature-lovers who are drawn to them, like Kain was, as much for their aesthetic appearance and as objects of natural design as for their technical difficulty.

In celebration of Kain and his vision, you are invited to contribute contemporary images and anecdotes from your visit/climb of the peaks that Kain climbed. We have compiled a rough list of peaks, which include first ascents of peaks and/or new routes that Kain did. David Jones provided the list of Canadian peaks, and the Corsica and NZ peaks came from Thorington's list in his book, Where the Clouds Can Go. We welcome accurate updated information on any and all of these peaks.

Kain Peaks on Google Earth

If you have Google Earth (it's free), Mike Prinz has created a very cool tool for it, called Conrad Kain Peaks. Once you've downloaded this, import it into "My Places" on Google Earth, and the peaks in the Rockies and Purcells that Conrad created new routes on, or made first ascents of, will appear on the map. Viewing the peaks this way helps give us a better understanding of just how extensive his mountain exploration in this country was.


You can view the galleries or upload your own images (please limit the resolution to 72 dpi, as well as the number of images) and brief observations celebrating Kain's legacy using the following links:

note: in the case of the Canadian peaks site, we are linked to, the comprehensive "Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia" site, which allows any visitor to view all entries at a basic level. If you wish to upload photos and read the more detailed accounts which provide valuable access and route information about each peak, you are required to pay a modest annual subscription fee - the instructions are available on the site.