Conrad yodels!

Conrad Kain at the Banff Mountain Book Festival

November 5. There were several Kain-related activities in the Max Bell Theatre at the Banff Mountain Book Festival.

 2 p.m. Panel Discussion: Heroes
Jerry Auld, Chic Scott, Pat Morrow, Kim Csizmazia, and Sid Marty came together to discuss heroes, and the place that they hold in the tradition of mountain literature, as well as the impact those heroes can have on the lives and careers of those who read and write about them. Of course, Pat discussed his hero, Conrad.
3 p.m. Pat presented an AV show based on Conrad’s life and times, as well as photos and footage from the centennial celebration in Wilmer, BC, the Bugaboos Teens mini expedition, and the fun collaborations in the mountains between The ACC and the CKCS this year, notably the gathering at Lake O’Hara and ascent of Mt Huber.
4 p.m. This was followed by Philip Nugent's final public performance (this year) of the Kain play, “As Far As I Can Take You!”.
Following the play, Pat signed copies of Where the Clouds Can Go at the Rocky Mountain Books booth at the festival.
Please open attached pdf file at bottom of page to see the whole day program of the Banff Mountain Book festival, Nov 5.