Tribute to Wilmer's Past

Historic Panels to Grace Hallways of Wilmer Community Hall

CKCS member Brian Patton has just completed the text for a pair of historic panels that will be displayed just inside the entrance to the newly renovated Wilmer Community Hall. One of them features life in the first major town in this part of the Rocky Mountain Trench, Wilmer, which began its life in 1896 as the village of Peterborough. The other panel touches on the lives of Conrad and Hetta Kain, and their clients and friends, Albert and Bess MacCarthy, who lived in Wilmer and who Conrad shared many exploratory climbs with in the Purcells and Rockies. CKCS is grateful to present and former residents of Wilmer who provided anecdotes and photos from their illustrious parents and grand parents, and also to Lori Watt from Columbia Valley Sign Artists who designed and printed the panels.