by Pat Morrow, CKCS chair

Kain Memorial Route on Mt Aeneas

Each time we’ve short-roped a team of Kain Teens participants along an exposed cockscomb ridge in the Pedley pass area, Kirk Mauthner, Tim McAllister and i have admired an unclimbed line across the way on a sub peak of Mt Aeneas that begins just above the tarn and arches up the entire spine of the crag. 

Yesterday Kirk and i put up the “Kain Memorial" route in honour of the ACC’s first mountain guide, Conrad Kain, who was based here in Wilmer until his death in 1934. 

We swung leads to the mid point of the ridge, then simul-climbed from there. It’s a delightful five or six pitch 5.5 romp on generally superb limestone (for the Rockies). The route follows cracks that eat up pro, with some hard to protect knife-edge ballet moves near the top. (too bad Tim wasn't on hand to join us)