The Bugaboos by Steph Abegg

Kain Peaks Aerial Photos - John Scurlock and Steph Abegg

Dear Friends,

From May 13 to May 16, 2012 I flew with Steph Abegg to several of the great mountain ranges of western Canada. This was a spring version/variant of the trip we did last fall.  We visited the Rockies, the Selkirks, and the Purcells, covering a remarkable amount of terrain by the grace of the weather gods.  Steph has calculated our total distance flown at more than 2,000 miles, and we probably obtained three to four thousand images total.  We were the honored guests of Hermann & Ursel Mauthner in the town of Wilmer, enjoying the hospitality as well of Pat & Baiba Morrow, also in Wilmer.  We could not have accomplished what we did without the help of our friends. 

Here's Steph's trip report and photographs, where you will find a variety of great images from this journey,

I've also uploaded a few images, as follows,

Bugaboos - and

Canadian Rockies -

The Ramparts:
Mt. Hooker -
The north faces of Bras Croche & Mt. Clemenceau -
Mt. Forbes -
Mt. Assiniboine -

and my great thanks to Steph of course, for putting up with some remarkably tough photographic conditions & enduring seemingly non-stop turbulence... still maintaining her sense of humor and top notch photographic skills.... all while in and above some of the wildest terrain on the continent.. I truly appreciate it.

Best Wishes,
John Scurlock