Guides Tim McAllister, Jen Olson, and Kirk Mauthner relax with Conrad at the Kain hut.
Another year has come and gone

Thanks for your contributions to Bugaboos Teens 2013

Many thanks for contributing to an unusually successful Conrad Kain Centennial Society Bugaboos Teens outing this year.

I've posted a story and photos to our website at, and have circulated this material to the local papers, the Alpine Club of Canada Newsnet service, and various Facebook sites that the teens and their friends share information on.

Video clip at

Story and photo in the Columbia Valley Pioneer

e-know story and photos:

Story also appeared in The Valley section of the Creston Daily Advance, and The Local Townie, available in print up and down the Columbia Valley. 

A link was made to our website from the Alpine Club of Canada via Newsnet.

A story written by one of the teens will appear in Columbia Basin Trust's January issue of SCRATCH.

FYI, this year also marks the centennial of the first ascent of Mt Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The CKCS is working with the ACC to establish a commemorative camp near Berg Lake August 21 - 29, and two “graduates” of the Bugaboos Teens program from previous years, Graham Kinley from Invermere, and Curtis Hall from Cranbrook have been invited to join me and CKCS member Herb Weller at the camp. Mountain guide Conrad Kain and Albert MacCarthy, both of whom would settle in the Invermere area, and Bill Foster, a government representative from Victoria, made the first confirmed ascent of the peak during an ACC camp in August, 1913.

As a serendipitous followup, I've been invited to sit on a panel at this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival: 100 Years on Mt. Robson, Max Bell 252, Friday November 1, 8:30am, and will be showing photos and footage and talking about our experiences on the climb.

CKCS vice chairman Brian Patton gave an AV presentation on Conrad Kain at the Mt Robson Visitor Centre July 31.

Berg heil!