Bugaboo Spire ACC/CKCS 2016 Centennial Finale

Throughout this rain and snow-fraught summer, there have been several creative initiatives to mark the centennial of the first ascent of Bugaboo Spire, one of B.C.’s most iconic peaks.

Only one confirmed team of climbers reached the top on the actual anniversary, August 29. ACMG guide Marc Piché (co-author of the climber’s guidebook, “The Bugaboos”), and three teammates braved the inclement weather that day to nail the century milestone.

Bugaboos Teens Climbing Camp 2016

By Brian Patton

The year was 1916. Thirty-three year old Conrad Kain was at the peak of his climbing career as he set out on a summer-long climbing spree. When the season ended, he had led ascents of 15 virgin peaks, including some of the most difficult ever attempted in Canada, and established himself as the country’s premiere mountain guide.

I Love Jumbo Wild

One of our Bugaboos Teens participants last year, Josie Ruoss was born and raised in Cranbrook, BC. Josie is a Grade 12 student with a thirst for adventure and a deep passion for wild places. Recently, Josie was in Ottawa for the Rotary Adventure In Citizenship program. Participants were tasked with presenting on an issue. Josie chose to present on the Jumbo Valley.

Bugaboos Teens Alumni To Tackle Bugaboo Spire In Sept.

Hi Kainers,

I’m writing to invite you, the alumni of the Conrad Kain Bugaboos Teens program, to join me, Conrad Kain Society members and the Alpine Club of Canada directors at the Kain hut this coming autumn on the special occasion of 100 years since Conrad, Albert, Bess, and a John Vincent who is thought to have been a teenager or in his early 20s like you, pioneered the first ascent of the granite peak that they would name Bugaboo Spire.

Conrad Kain Bugaboos Teens Climbing Camp 2015

It wasn’t looking too good for this year’s Conrad Kain Bugaboos Teens climbing camp.

On the morning of July 25, a team of ten East Kootenay youths, three ACMG guides, a BC Parks ranger, a mountain author and I set out from the Conrad Kain hut into a light drizzle, hoping for a break in the weather.