Celebrating the Legacy

Conrad Kain Centennial Society

The Conrad Kain Centennial Society (CKCS) was created in 2007 to celebrate the legacy of mountain guide Conrad Kain, whose life burned like a “splendid fire” as he quietly set new standards during the Golden Age of Canadian mountaineering.

The CKCS was formed by a dedicated group of professional mountain guides and Kain fans from British Columbia’s upper Columbia Valley, where he lived for the last two decades of his life and whose nearby mountains were the scene of many of his greatest mountaineering achievements. In recognition of his contribution to the sport of mountaineering and his love of nature, the CKCS is undertaking a series of projects and events that will provide a legacy to his community and valley for many years to come. Many of these projects and events are keyed to the year 2009, which marks the 100th anniversary of Kain’s immigration to his adopted country of Canada.

Some of the projects sponsored by the CKCS are detailed on this website. In addition, the Society has already initiated the first annual Conrad Kain Mountain Film Night (April 2008), contributed to the completion of the Conrad Kain Climbing Wall, and is working to develop an educational component so that students in regional schools can learn more about Conrad Kain and his mountain world.

Membership in the CKCS is not limited to Columbia Valley residents or professional mountaineers. Already, Kain enthusiasts from throughout Canada, New Zealand and the United States are involved in various acts of recognition. Many individuals and organizations have already provided significant contributions to these endeavours, and many others continue to participate in a variety of ways.

For information on how you can get involved with the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, you can contact the chairman of the society, Pat Morrow, 9154 Fairview Ave., Invermere, BC, VOA 1K5; (250) 341-3554 or sign-up to receive the Society newsletter.